Tourism and COVID-19 in Croatia: Are borders open?

Time being clients of us are sailing in Croatia and enjoy a safe stay.

A great message is, that now COVID-19 tests are available on demand by call, and are performed directly on board. So Owners can schedule the appointment without even leaving the yacht, which they like very much, and receive the results the same day or the day after latest. 

The “Stay safe in Croatia” trademark, which is verified by the World Travel & Tourism Council, and charterers in Croatia can apply and receive the badge if they’re following specific rules and obligations for protection against COVID-19. 

Croatia is and will be open for tourists. This is an “official secret”. Even people from third countries can enter with a negative PCR test if they travel for “economic interest”. Every charter is applicable for “economic interest” travel since booking confirmation and proof of charter are requested. In attachment I’m sending you the latest news and info on Croatia and borders. 

Besides all of this, we have together with our Croatian Team in Split started to organize private jet transfer for our clients, and it is going very well. After jet transfer private drivers are waiting for them and manage the transfer directly on board of the Yacht.

Travellers, regardless of their citizenship, arriving from the ECDC “Green List” region, (the list of Green List regions is increasing with every update, so please consult the website or the map below), or from a country listed on the so-called EU “Safe list”, who can prove that they haven’t spent any time outside of those Green/safe regions while travelling to Croatia, have no symptoms or have not had close contacts with infected persons are allowed to enter Croatia without a test;

Citizens of the EU/EEA (EU 27 + Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, as well as Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, and the Vatican and including Croatian citizens) or a non-EU citizen with an EU residence permit (or a member of their family, with documents to prove the kinship) are allowed to enter Croatia no matter where they come from and are not required to provide a reason, but need to have a negative PCR test, not older than 48 hours, or get tested upon entry (at their own expense) and self-isolate until they get the results (up to 10 days); the same rule is applied to the third-country nationals travelling from an EU/EEA region;

Third-country nationals arriving from anywhere else (except for the UK and the SAR) will be allowed entry in Croatia if they have a negative PCR test, not older than 48 hours (they will also be given an option to get tested upon entry at their own expense and self-isolate until they get the results), HOWEVER, they will have to prove they are travelling for urgent personal/family reasons, business reasons or other economic interest (including seafarers).

The travellers arriving in Croatia from the United Kingdom, the South African Republic, the Austrian region of Tyrol, Brasil, and Tanzania (Zanzibar) need to have a negative PCR test AND they need to self-isolate for 14 days (or have their self-isolation shortened if they pay for another test, at least 7 days after they’ve entered Croatia), no matter what their citizenship is.

All children need to have a negative test (or self-isolate) to enter Croatia, there’s no age limit. People who have the documentation to prove that they’ve had COVID-19 in the last three months can enter Croatia without the test.

We still strongly recommend that travellers fill out border entry forms at, to speed their passage across the border and into Croatia. Visitors will only have to provide their name, place where they’re staying, mobile phone number, and email address. An additional reason to do so that is that special fast-track Enter Croatia lanes have been introduced at some borders for quicker entry. And even if you don’t get to use one of those fast-track lanes, the experiences of previous travellers have shown that having the filled form, along with the rest of the documents, speeds up and simplifies the process significantly.

Is Croatia currently open for tourism for Americans and others?

Yes and no. This is Croatia, and nothing is straightforward.

US citizens are, obviously, in the category of third-country citizens regarding entry into Croatia currently. So are many other travellers, arriving from Canada, Latin America, most of the Asian and African countries etc.

What that means is that they can enter Croatia if they present a negative PCR test result (or they’ll have to self-isolate) AND they can prove that they’re ‘travelling for urgent personal / family reasons, business reasons or other economic interest’ (this is a direct quote from the Ministry website).

What exactly does entry for ‘economic interest’ mean?

This is an obvious question, with no clear answers. Officially, the stand was always that people can’t come from the third countries for the purposes of tourism. However, there have been many Americans who were able to enter Croatia in the last several months by showing their reservations for the hotels or private accommodation and claiming “economic interest” with those.

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